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Our Essential Nature Vision

Love …. your essential nature!

Each one of us is an amazing creative wonder
with a capacity deep inside to do great works on this planet.
We’re like pure essential oils!
Full of mystery, magic and infinite creative resources
it is within us that our ultimate greatness lies.
All of us are unique and full of potential;
That is our essential nature!

It is our task to remember who we really are
and to live from that place;
shining our light and love
and encouraging others to
remember who they really are.

Follow your essential nature!

Our Essential Nature Values

Choose love… not fear.
Remember who you really are.
Be with nature when you forget.
Meditate. Appreciate. Trust. Truth.
Laugh. Cry. Start again.
Visualize peace.

And, when in doubt, use your angel cards!

We do no animal testing,
Use no animal by-products,
or artificial coloring agents!













Essential Nature PO Box 160 Naramata, BC V0H 1N0 Tel: 1-800-258-7364
Fax: (250) 496-5218 Email: purepotentwow@shaw.ca

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